About Us

Welcome to VocVoice.org, the website of Queens Vocational & Technical High School's student newspaper, Vocational Voice. The paper is produced by a senior journalism class and other student-volunteers, and is funded by the school administration.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Vocational Voice is to report current news of interest to our students and staff, to provide the school community with information concerning school news and events, and to provide journalism experience for the students enrolled in the class.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce a quality newspaper that accurately reports on the activities that take place at Queens Voc, as well as news about Queens Voc students and staff. The newspaper staff aims to create an informative and entertaining newspaper that focuses on issues important to our high school community. The newspaper will also serve as a medium for student opinions and ideas. Our staff strives to produce objective, well-balanced, and accurate content that features a range of students and their viewpoints.

Our Goals